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Our Products:


1 Lot of Leesona Winding Gears Amplifiers Brushless PWM Servo Amplifier COIL 110/115V/50HZ 95V Controls Distribution Heating Lighting Miscellaneous Electrical Motion Control Motors Potentiometer 401286B Power Supplies Printed Circuit Boards RECTIFIER STACK MAXPAK PLUS 4 RELIANCE Brush Holder 706364-1CA RELIANCE Coil for Control 76627BD RELIANCE RectifierStack Output Network 705330-32V RELIANCE Suppressor Transient Rittal SV3000 Complete Bus System Sensors Signal Converters SURGE SUPPRESSOR WARD LEONARD Contact 78090-50R


Capacitors Diodes Electronic Switch Miscellaneous Electronics Rectifiers Resistors Timers Transistors


Atlas Premium Replacement Separator Filters & Separators Miscellaneous Pneumatics Pneumatic Actuators Pneumatic Connectors Pneumatic Regulators Pneumatic Valves Pressure Guages Pressure Monitoring Programmable Contoller 45C40 Self Contained Vaccum Loader


56,000 Series Spring-Set Disc Brakes 105603100DLF Bearings Browning 30HP100 Synchronous Gearbelt H Pulley Browning Gearbelt Pulley 28HP100 42909 Collector Ring #315300.42 Dodge Taper-Lock Bushing Drive Train Electron 44H300 QD Bushing Gearbelt Pulley 24HP100 82503 Martin 4 C 95 E Mechanical Cam Mechanical Clutch Mechanical Seals Mechanical Spacers Miscellaneous Mechanical O-Ring Pneumatic Clutch Reliance Tachometer Generator Model 5PY59JY27A Saco Lowell - Meadows Twister Parts SIGNODE Face Gate Slides Zenith 15-63003-0009-1 Plate, Seal

Power Supplies

4YB4049-1143P3 Power Supply Allen Bradley 1606-XL240E Power Supply Allen Bradley 1772-LXP 0 Allen Bradley AC Power Supply 1771-P7 B Allen Bradley Isolated 120V AC Input Module 1771-IE/B Allen Bradley Power Supply 1771-P7 Allen Bradley SLC 500 Power Supply Allen Bradley Thermocouple Millivolt Input Module 1771-IXE B Athena Thermal Heat Sync B&R Power supply module 100W Circuit Board Condor F24-12-A+ Delta Switching Power Supply DS 50-401 Deltron Model Linear DC Power Supplies Q15-9.5 Deltron Model Linear DC Power Supplies QD 12/15 -3 Deltron Power Supply Model W115D Electrol Co. Inc.Rectifier ELPAC Power Supply General Signal Sola Linear Open Frame DC Power Supply HES tm Auxiliary Supply 5401-020-8-1-300-500 Industrial Power Supply PS24-075D Papst 4650 X Fan PEPPERL + FUCHS Amplifier 120/240 VAC Isulator Power/Mate Corr EMA 12/15 A Power-One D.C. Power Supply HAA15-505 Power-One International Linear DC Power Supplies Power-One International Series Linear DC Power Supplies Power-One International Series Linear DC Power Supplies HDD15-5-A Power Supply Power Supply Power Supply for Static Control F167 Regulated Power Supply Acopian Model: VA24MT550 Reliance Electric B/M-60007 Power Supply Board RELIANCE Rectifier Module Model: 86466-58R SCR Power Module 25amp Simco Power Supply XPM 167 Power Unit SLC 500 Power Supply Static Neutralizing Power Supply Static Neutralizing Power Supply Westinghouse 1682A14G01 Power Assembly Yaskawa MP920 Model JEPMC-PS210


Electro-Pneumatic Transducer Flow Controls Heaters Humidifier Motor 319USA, MTR & Spinner Humidifier Kit Hydraulic Cylinder Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Valve Inverters Miller J84B2N Hydraulic Fluid Cylinder Miscellaneous Hydraulics Workshop Equipment


AF-200E Transistorized Inverter Hitachi J100-004LFU Inverter Hitachi J100-007LFU2 Inverter Mitsubishi FR-Z240-7.5K-ER Mitsubishi Inverter Model FR-A240E-22K-UL TOSVERT-130 TRANSISTOR INVERTER Used Mitsubishi Intelligent Inverter


3SE3 100-1B Siemens Limiting Switch 412 Power Tap Switch 4-Button Switch 78095-Z microswitch A3/10E/F910 Switch A-B 800H-R9A Puch Button Yellow Cap ABB Switch OETL-NF600A Disconnect Allen-Bradley 500F-A0D93 B Allen Bradley Photoswitch Output Base 60-1600 Atlas Pressure Switch Penn P10BC Automax Ultra Switch AUXILIARY CONTACT KIT Auxiliary Contact Kit 5M65 BA-2RV191-A2 Microswitch Banner SI-LS83E Machine Safety Switch Barksdale Switch D2T-A3 Q24 Basic 3P Switch General Electric Contactor 500A0A930 Control Relay Type: 252-PVUU Control Switch Culter-Hammer Safety Switch 100amp, 240 Volts CULTER-HAMMER Safety Switch 30amp, 600V A-C Culter-Hammer Safety Switch 60amp, 600 Vac Custom Control Sensors Press. Switch Decco Solenoid Coil 11-147 EFECTOR electronic proximity switch EFECTOR Inductive Proximity Switch Type IGA3005-BPKG Explosion Proof Pressure Switch Cat. No. 1950-0-2F Full Size Vertical Liquid Level Switch 2A551 General Electric Switch THC31 GE Safety Switch 30amp., 600Vac Max. HP20 GE Safety Switch 30amp., 600Vac, Max. HP 20 GE Safety Switch 30amp., 600Vac, Max. HP 30 GE Safety Switch 60amp., 600V.AC, Max. HP 50 Guard Master Lifeline 3 Safety Switch INTERMATIC 24 HR. Time Switch(DPST) Model: T104R Joslyn Clark Contactor 7001-8040-11 LFX-21 Sangamo Time Switch (Synchronous) Limit Switch Festo Typ. GRR-1/2 SER.0602 Magne-Sonic Level Switch Magnetischer Schwimmerschalter Float Level Switch S36DA/F84 MARTONAIR M837 Reed Switch Regulator Mercoid DA 31-2 RCE 3A Pressure Switch Mercoid DAW-33-3-6 Pressure Switch MICRO SWITCH 922AA3XM-A9P-L MICRO SWITCH 922AA4XM-A9P-L Micro Switch SID-2000 input modules N6-125-SOND-303 Switch Nema Type 4,13 Illuminated Push Button Blue Cap Nema Type 4,13 Illuminated Push Button Green Cap Oiltight Push Button Unit Omron Photoelectric Switch E3B2-R7M4-US PB Switch Power tap Switch 50A 300VAC Push Button Black Flush Momentary Push Button Green 30.5mm Push Button Non-illum Red Extended HD PUSH BUTTON SWITCH RELIANCE Coil for Control 76627BD RELIANCE Contactor Coil 78098-AA REXROTH Float Switch 370 PUA 31-05 Safety Interlock Switch Schmersal Limit Switch TR 422-10yt Selector Switch Selector Switch Selector Switch Selector Switch Selector Switch SELECTOR SWITCH 3POSITION SPRING RTRN FROM R&L Siemens 3SE3100-1B Limit Switch Roller Lever SIEMENS Safety Switch F353 SYLVANIA Safety Switch 60amp., 600 V.A.C Thomas&Betts Safety Switch 30amp., 600V A-C Transamerica Delaval D2H-H18 SS V-10G5-1C24-K Ward Leonard 5M65 Contact Kit Westinghouse Safety Switch 30amp., 600Vac Westinghouse Safety Switch 30amp., 600Vac WESTINGHOUSE Safety Switch 60amp., 600Vac Westinghouse Terminal T401LA


40C4175 Aerostat Phoenix Ionizing Blower Dwyer Photohelic Gage Fiber Extrusion Recording Equipment Zenith 11-57403-2000-0 HMB-5740-10-000 10 cc/rev Gear Pump Zenith HMC-5255-5.6-000 11-52552-2000-0 Gear Pump 5.6/10 cc/rev

Extruder Screens


Sensors & Switches

Photoswitch Output Base


12-6035-01 Hubbell Twist Lock Dead Front Plug Allen Bradley Adjustable Lever Nylon Roller #80 Applied Color Systems Asco Red-Hat rebuild kit # 304357 Asco Red-Hat Valves rebuild kit Atlas 100 pc. Sample Mounting Cards Atlas 4 x 4 x .010" Mica Plates Set Atlas 9200-PX Globe Atlas 9200-PX Globe 19-1233 Atlas Carbon No. 20 Cored Electrodes Atlas Carbon No. 70 Solid Electrodes Back Wiring Strip Gauge BELDEN 8078 Hvy. Armored Polythemaleze Bernstein Schaltkontakte Bleeder 1B12 Blue 95A PUR 3/8 x .245 - 50' tubing Box of Pro-Mark Parts Brush Ink Recording Chart Paper Coil Control Box D-2677 Clampable Fan Blade Denier 24 LB Line Endress-Hauser MXX005-0000 Model LSM 1701 Fauk Overload Washer Kit Fisher Control Repair Kit Foxboro Humitex Circular Charts 898416 Genuine Reliance Renewal Parts Genuine Reliance Renewal Parts 78095-4R Genuine Reliance Renewal Parts Motor Shafts Genuine Reliance Renewal Parts Washer Coils Groundable Neutral Kit Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Bill Gear Stopper Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Jacket Humitex Circular Charts 898413 Instron English Chart Paper INT1 RS232/RS485 interface converter Joslyn Clark Starter Keithley Instruments Recorder 370 Latches Box of 16 Machine Specific Main Contacts NEMA Type 7&9 Norgren Olympian L13-000-MPEO NP-XC1 INK ROLL 1" Oil Level Rod PAPST Fan Type 4650X 220~50Hz 18W Releco LR38486 6A 250V RELIANCE ELECTRIC CO. HEATER (FH13) Reliance Electric Company HEATER (FH11) Reliance Reactor Reversing Starter Rheostat Voltronics Roller Rubber Gasket 88MMx3MM Rubber Washer Schaefer 3-12" Diameter Tube Brush SE-17 Fife Sensor Seatbelt Strap Semiconductor Thyistor Signal Horn Solenoid Set EA 143 Turn MT StrainSert Universal Flat Load Cell Tape Applying System Accessory Tensiometer Zivy Type TEN 2-12 grams Thommen Digital Test Gauge Type: HM28D0L11000 Thommen Manual Manometer K G/T845 V.24 Valve Vibration Connector Westinghouse 22-1000 Adjustable Speed Drives Westinghouse Electrical Interlock Westinghouse HEATER (F SERIES-H12) Wilkerson nitrogen guages X562.086.2 bushing Xerox Dry Ink Cartridge 5012/5014/1012 pack of 2 X-PLY GORTUBE X-Taper Quik Stik Sensor

Power Resistors

MULTICOMP - MC11279 - Power Resistor


Heat Cutters Hoists Microamperes DC Model: 288 Miscellaneous Tools Switches Workshop Equipment


Fittings Industrial Hoses Miscellaneous Plumbing Scientific Plastics Cup Sink Valves


1200 W 240 V TempCo Heating Collar MXH00296G007 381542-1 Heater Ring FH18 Westinghouse Type A Heater FH24 Westinghouse Type A Heater FH28 Westinghouse Type A Heater FH32 Westinghouse Type A Heater FH34 Westinghouse Type A Heater FH36 Westinghouse Type A Heater FH38 Westinghouse Type A Heater FH40 Westinghouse Type A Heater FH42 Westinghouse Type A Heater RELIANCE ELECTRIC CO. HEATER (FH13) Reliance Electric Company HEATER (FH11) Screw Plug Immersion Heater SYLVANIA CONTROL HEATER TempCo Heater Bands CBS2888 TM STARTER OVERLOAD HEATERS TM STARTER OVERLOAD HEATERS Watlow St. Louis Heating Plate 12"x30" Wellman Strip Heater Westinghouse HEATER (F SERIES-H12) Westinghouse HEATER (F SERIES-H91)

Workshop Equipment

1 Ton CM Hoist Model H 46831I2 Velocity Meter AC Hydraulic Power Pack Atlas ECD 09-3502-00 CARBORUNDUM Grinding Wheel A36P5V10 CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist Model L Grinding Wheel 12x2x1-1/4 36 Grit Coarse JET Manual Friction Type Trolley Lodestar 1/2 Ton 500Kg Hoist Model F SAGINAW 1 TON Wraparound Trolley Samplair Pump Kit TRERICE Thermometer Range:30/240F Model:BX91403.5

Motion Control

1492-CB1G010 C Manual Motor Controller 0548 1492-CB1G050 C Manual Motor Controller 0604 1492-CB1G060 C Manual Motor Controller 0507 1492-CB1G150 C Manual Motor Controller 0603 1492-CB1G200 C Manual Motor Controller 0603 1492-CB1G400 C Manual Motor Controller 0604 1531-AB STROBAOTAC GENERAL RADIO Aerotech BA Servo Amplifier Aerotech BA Servo Amplifier Motion Control Aerotech Servo Amplifier Drive Componets Division Armature Voltage Feedback Unit Conveyer Tightener Dynisco UPR690 Pressure Indicator/Trasmitter Motion Controls Actuator Cylinder D49SERC SL2 RA1 Programmable Controller 45C40 PRS1 Plug-In Speed Switch StearnsBRAKE COIL Tach 0-120 RPM Yaskawa Varispeed 616H Drive


3TF3300-0A Contactor Cabling Circuit Breakers Contact Block Electrical Connectors Electrical Contactors Fuses Inverters Load Centers MST2000 Multivariable SMARTFLOW Transmitter Relays Reliance Rectifier Stack Rosemount Temperature Transmitter TYPE: 11516P-7-5-22-B1 SIEMENS Contact 3TB44 17-0A SIEMENS Contactor 220V 50/60Hz Siemens Contactor 3TB46 17-0A Switches Thyristor Transformers


ATLAS Ingiter for 6500/3500 Watt Xenon Lamp Halogen Lamps Light Bulbs Light Dimmers Lighting Controls Xenon Burner Socket


0880001-01 Total Control Products QuickPanel, MONOCHRM 10.5" LCD Display 18EZ-4-120 Solid-State Power Control 300 Series Product for Process Controller 300 Series Product Process Controller 520 Solid State Controller SP14-15 0 7907 Countroller Veeder-Root ABSTELLKARTS 117-650 183g Controller AC Drives AEG 2 analog 0, Rev 17 AEG 4 analog 1, ADU 205 Allen Bradley Communication Adapter Module 1785-KA Allen Bradley Flexible Interface Module 2760-RB Ametek Panalarm Indicator NT224D ASCO Flow Control Valve 8210G95 ASCO Solenoid and Air Controlled X8262G226E07197 Atlas A-C Amperes Meter 0-30 AutoMate 15 Programmable Controller Automate 45C1 AutoMate Programmable controller 45C60 AutoMate Programmable Controller 45C60 Automatic Timer Control Load Signode Automatic Timing & Controls (ATC) 325A 348 D 20 PX, 120 V 60 HZ (hour counter) AUTOTRON Inc. Terminal Model A947 Barber-Colman Control Auto Clave CIMAC 2 7908-2058 Barber-Colman Controller Unit B&B Motor Control SCR12 BOSCH Part 1824210243 Manufactured by Bosch Rexroth FORM B DIN 43650 24 DC COIL Bul. 100 Control Station Circuit Board Circuit Board CPC-5 Collector Ring #315300.42 Control Box P/N 108-064 Current Limiter ELC3030R DC Drives DEFINITE PURPOSE RATING Digital I/O DPharp Transmitter Model EJA430A Dynisco PSIX10 Controller Eurotherm Control Model TE10A/82/40/101/42/53/74// Eurotherm Controls Inc. Fife CDP-01 Control Assembly Web Tracker FISHER Controller Type:3590 Focus 2 Adjustable DC Drive Control FOXBORO Microplus Controller Single Station Model 761CNA-AT-1 Gould Allied Control Solenoid Valve Halmar Robicon 140P High Speed Counter 1x50/500kHz Honeywell 7800 Series Burner Controller RM7890 A 1015 Honeywell UDC3300 Universal Digital Controller Hygrocomputer Model: 1500 Indicating Tempature Controller Micro-Scan 500 Industrial Control Equip. 2450-8003 Speed-a-matic INTELLIGENT MEMORY MODUEL 45C92 Intelligent Module Automate 33 I/O Rail Motherboard M/N 45C2 Islatrol Plus Concept Controls IC+115 Joslyn Clark Contact 7001-7140-11 Joslyn Clark Contactor 5DP7-7030-11 Joslyn Clark Contactor 5DP9-10100 Joslyn Clark Contactor DC Drive Joslyn Clark Contactor DC Drive 5DP4-10100 JOSLYN CLARK Parts Kit Electrical Control Joslyn Clark SCR Drive Contactors Launder-ometer Automatic Timing & Controls (ATC) 325A 347 B 10 PX, 240 V 60 HZ (min counter) LUST Papst Motoren D-35633 LV-H300 General Purpose Laser Transmitter & Receiver Mercury Contactor Cat. No. 235NO-120A Meylan Stopwatch Corp. Model: J2925 1M Microflex Counter HZ42A6A242 Modicom 984 PLC/800 Series I/O System Model AS-B875-012 Modicon AS-BDAP-209, S/N 0007268 Modicon AS-BDAP-209, S/N 0007335 Modicon B805 Controller MOORE Ratio M/P Control 0-100 Motor Controls Nematron IWS-11X/12X Switch Matrix Assembly Keypad Omron Photoelectric Switch E3A2-10DM4T Panel Meter Yokogawa PLC CPU + RS232 4 Pneumatic Actuators Potentiometers Programmable Contoller 45C40 Red Lion Controls Model APLR Reliance Control YU5015065 Reliance Electric Readout 4014016 0889 Reliance Electric Static Trip 801466-R Industrial Control System Reliance Programmable Controller 45C1A RE PC Drive Board 0-51447-2A 0514472A Schaltag Rietec Tex Invert Schlafhorst Electronics Circuit Board 117-650 272F SIMPSON Digital Panel Instrument D.C. Millivolts Model:2865 SONA-TROL Model TC6-115-TO-BO-0-2-1-10 Spare Launder-ometer Automatic Timing & Controls (ATC) 325A 347 B 10 PX, 240 V 60 HZ (min counter) Starters T-5303 Submaster Receiver-Controller Telemecanique XCK-J Safety Switch with Electromagnet Interlock Temperature Controller Tension Transducer Thermal Magnetic Unit Cat.No.:KT3400T VEEDER-ROOT 7984 Countroller Veeder-Root Danaher Controls PROG RATE/TIME/CNT CONT, RS422 Veeder-Root Danaher Controls Rate Controller, RS232 WARNER ELECTRIC Clutch-Brake Current Control CBC-200 Warrick LEVEL CONTROL Watlow DIN-A-MITE Solid State Power Controller Westinghouse Control Transformer 1F0893 Westinghouse Motor Control Westinghouse Motor Controller YASKAWA GPD 315/V7 Model: CIMR-V7AM40P7 Yaskawa MP920 Model JEPMC-AN200 Yaskawa MP920 Model JEPMC-CP200 Yaskawa MP920 Model JEPMC-MC220 YOKOGAWA Transmitter Model YA11F-SLS4


0274 EW Small Motor/Gearmotor 42R5BFPP 322B Motor Driven TDR 3DF 56A-4 Bremse Motor 3N814 Belt-Drive Fan & Blower Motor 4360 GE Motor 4M197 Dayton 1/2 HP 1075 RPM Motor 4M229A Condenser Fan Motor 5K280 Special Service Split Motor 5K43MG6490 GE A-C Motor AC Gear motor 48R6BFPP-F3 AC Motors Ametek Series Universal Vacuum Motor A.O. Smith Electric Motor A.O. Smith Motor ASCO Solenoid Valve Coil 99-257-5-D with Brass Shut Off Valve Baldor 13HP 90V DC motor BALDOR Industrial Motor .5HP 208/230/460V 3PH 1725RPM BALDOR Industrial Motor M3616T BALDOR Motor 1/4HP 208-230/460V 1.4AMP 1725RPM 60Hz 3PH Baldor Motor 15HP 208/230/460 3PH 1725RPM Frame:56 Baldor Motor 1HP 230/460 3PH 1725RPM Frame:143TC BALDOR Motor .5HP 208-230/460V 1725RPM 2.1-2/1AMPS Baldor Motor Cat. No.GPP12540 Type:125PSMO SER.#:03099183 Baldor Part 924-01072-080 Baldor Three Phase 1/3HP, 208-230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60HZ motor Bodine 1/4 HP 1700 RPM 230/460 Volt Bodine Electric Company Gearmotor Bodine Fractitional Horsepower Gearmotor BODINE Gearmotor DC HP:1/8 RPM:.26 V:130 Torq:154 Ratio:97.5 Bodine Gearmotor Type:42X3BFPP-E4 1/8HP RPM:5.7 Torq:310 BUDGIT Chain Hoist 1000 lbs C215 AC Motor CM 3542 Baldor 3/4 HP motor CM Hoist Model F CM Lodestar 1 Ton Hoist CM LODESTAR Hoist, Model L, 2000 lb capacity COFFING 1.5 Ton Hoist DAMPER ACTUATOR 2POSITION Dayton AC-DC Series Motor Model:2M145 DAYTON Belt Drive Fan And Blower Motor HP:1.5 208-230-460V PH:3 DAYTON Capacitor Start Motor Model: 5K110R DAYTON Motor 1/3HP 1725RPM 230V 2.8AMP FR:562 DAYTON Three Phase Motor LA22132 DC Motors Direct Current, Shunt Wound Motor Gerald K. Heller Company Model:6T60-20 EASTERN Motor 1/3HP 3450RPM 230V 5.6/2.6AMP FR:P48Y PH1 Elektomotoren-Werke Kaiser Elektomotoren-Werke Kaiser Motor Elektromotoren-Werke Kaiser 1417287 Friction Roll Motor EMPK/83-93 Empire Magnetic Motor F48SX6V12 Motor FISHER Actuator Type 1052 FISHER Actuator, Type 1052 FISHER Actuator Type 667 FISHER Actuator Type 667 FISHER Actuator, Type 667 GAST 1UP-NRV-4-GR11 Lubricated Rotary Vane Air Motor G.E. AC Motor HP:1/3 RPM:1725 Volts:115/230 AMP:5.6/2.8 Frame:56 Gear Motors GEJ2139 AC Explosion Proof Motor GE Motor 1/3HP 1725RPM 115/230V 5.6/2.8AMP FRAME:56 GE Motor 1/3HP 1725RPM 115V 6.6/3.3AMP FR:56 GE Motor 1/3HP 1725RPM 230V 5.6/2.8AMP FR:56 H123 Marathon Motor HANSEN Transmission Type JFN13B HARRINGTON 2 ton hoist NER020LD HONEYWELL Actuator Motor Honeywell Servoline Recorder Servo Motor HOWELL Motor 1/3HP 3450RPM 230V 2.6AMP FR:G48C2 INDIANA DC Motor 90V 3450RPM Model:46305556543-0A Indiana GE DC Motor 90V 3450RPM K2061 Energy Saver Motor KAISER Motor 220/380V 2.4/1.4AMP Kaiser Motor Type.DN 80 B/2S Nr. 2289107 95 LEESON DC Motor 1/2HP 3600RPM 90V 5.7AMP Type:DN FR:YS56C LEESON DC Motor 90V 3600HP Frame:YS56C 5.7AMPS Leeson DC Permanent Magnet Motor LEESON Motor 3/4HP 1750RPM 3PH 208/230/460 Frame:TC560 or C56 LIFTECH Budgit Trolley Hoist 3 Ton LINCOLN TEFC AC Motor HP:1.5 V:230-460 RPM:1740 Frame:145TC M3212T Standard Efficient Industrial Motor M-6001E Leland Faraday Motor MARATHON Motor 2HP 208-230-460V 3PH 1740RPM FR:145T-80 Maxi-Torq Permanent Magent DC Gear Motor ME BLUE MAX 3 Phase Inverter Duty AC Induction Motor 230/460V MINARIK DC Motor 90V 1800RPM 1/8HP 1.30AMPS 70oz.In Torque Model No. 3KW34A Dayton Energy Efficient Industrial Motor Motor Brushes Motor Master 20000 Gearmotor Type 32D5BEPM-W2 P56H1370 Reliance Electric Motor P56H1370 Reliance Electric Motor PACIFIC SCIENTIFIC DC Motor HP:.5 V:90 RPM:1750 Paterson gearmotor P G 7 HEYCO Motor PM Servo Motor Powertec Brushless DC Motor 1000 RELIANCE AC Motor 1/2HP 1725RPM 208-230-460-480 3PH Reliance DC Motor 1/3HP 90V 1725RPM EAS-56C RELIANCE DC Motor 1/4HP 90V 1750RPM Type:TPR 2.50AMP Reliance DC Motor 180V 1750RPM 1.5HP 7.20AMP FR:FF56CZ Reliance DC Motor 3/4 HP 1750RPM 90V 7.60AMPS Type:TPR RELIANCE Duty Master A-C Motor RELIANCE DUTY MASTER A-C MOTOR Reliance Duty Master AC Motor P56H0303M-YK RELIANCE Duty Master A-C Motor with Gearmotor Reliance Electric Duty Master AC motor P56H1337X Reliance Electric Motor T56S1000A Reliance Electric Motor T56S1010A Reliance Motor RTR, Gearmeter S 2000 A-C MOTOR Reliance A77B5902P S83-93-MO OEM Stepper Motor SABRE Motor .5HP 230/460V 3PH 1725RPM 1.4/.7AMPS Schindler Motor Type 71-14-RF2B-13 SECO ELETRONICS CORP C8500-9010 8500 SCR Motor Speed Control SUPP, GOV GENERATOR coil Synchronous Motor Model:CA-SP TECO Motor 3/4HP 230/460 855RPM 3.2/1.6AMPS 3PH TYPE:AEEA Union, 1 1/4 NPT LH Rotor Union, 1 1/4 NPT RH Rotor Vector Drive Motor 230/460V Cat #:ZDNM3581T VM3550 Baldor Industrial Motor VM3558T Baldor Electric Motor WARNER ELECTRIC DC Motor 1/4HP 1750RPM 90V Fr.56C Yale 1000 lb Hoist Leeson Motor C6C17NZ8B YALE Hoist 1000 lbs Leeson Motor C6C17NZ8B YALE Hoist - 2 Ton E2-1 TH71/2S2 YALE Hoist 4000 lbs KEL2-15RT15S2 YALE Load King Hoist, 2000 lbs PA1K20L16RPH1

Lab Equipment

AATCC Perspiration Tester PR-1 ALEMITE Thermostat OIL TEMP. Hewlett Packard 3430A Digital Voltmeter Ozone Analyzer Model 8810 Monitor Labs Solid State Timer Bul. 700 Type RT Allen Bradley


General Electric Panel Meter Polaroid Land identification System ID-3, Model 703


Aux. Contacts Heavy Pilot Duty DIL 0-41-NA Klockner-Moeller DIL 00L-31-NA Knockner-Moeller Starter DILO-41/ZO-NA MAIN CONTACT KIT RELIANCE Contactor Coil 78098-AA Reliance Electic Contactor Reliance Electric DC Contactor 417690-4R Siemens Contactor 3TF48 Siemens Contactor 3TF50 STARTER DILO-41/ZO-NA Telemecanique (Schneider) LC1D150 Contactor WARD LEONARD Contact 78090-50R Ward Leonard RDP4-11100 Reliance 78093-1R

Machine Specific

Saco Lowell - Meadows Twister Parts

Saco Lowell - Meadows Twister Parts

ALMA CABLE CREEL Guide WN13910497 Saco Lowell Bar Seperator Bracket 4T-F4261-1 Saco Lowell Bearing Assembly Int. Bottom Roll Neck & Bearing-LH Bearing Assembly, Int. Roll Joint R.H. Saco Lowell Bearing H.E. Bracket B-289 Saco Lowell Bearing Lay Train Housing Assembly for Vertical Shaft Bonder Strap 1-1/2"x118-1/2" 235387AS Bonder Strap C-5 1-1/2"x125" 233135AS Bronze Bearing for Traverse Drive Saco Lowell Builder Motion Body 1TM-1840-1A Saco Lowell Builder Motion Plate Hub Bracket 1782-7 KEY#7-56 Saco Lowell Cam Dog 3T-L5189-1 Saco Lowell Cam Shaft Assembly 3T-L4901-1A Saco Lowell Cap for Idler Gear Housing 4T-L4081-1 Saco Lowell Chain Adjust Ring Rail Screw 4T-F4190-1 Saco Lowell Chain Bracket 4T-F4272-1 Saco Lowell Complete Cam Shaft Housing 3T-L4899-1A Saco Lowell Coupling Collar 3S-10637-1 Saco Lowell COUPLING-SHAFT,TWISTER Saco Lowell Dayco #750h300 Timing Belt Dayco #980xh300, Extra Heavy Timing Belt Door Handle SACO LOWELL Door Hinge Saco Lowell Twister Door Latch Door Latch Door Latch Hinge Saco Lowell Drop Wire Bracket 2T-A3151-1 Saco Lowell End-Turnbuckle, Top Builder 4T-M4162-1 Saco Lowell FAFNIR Ball Bearing Fafnir Bearing Assembly, INT. Bottom Roll Neck & Bearing-LH Gear Meter Lay Train 24T Saco Lowell Gear Top Roller 26T 141/2* Saco Lowell Gear Top Roller 68T 141/2* Saco Lowell Gear Wind Down 84T 4 1/2* 3T-L4894-1 Saco Lowell Gear Worm 50T10P R.H Saco Lowell GOODYEAR HY-T Plus C75 Belt Saco Lowell Guard Rail Bracket 3T-P4999-1 Saco Lowell Guard Rail Clamp 3T-5000-1 Saco Lowell Guide Lifter Rod Top L.H. 3T-F4987-2 Guide Top Lifting Rod Saco Lowell Head End Foot 3T-P4996-1 Saco Lowell H.E. Drive Shaft 34-3/4" Long Saco Lowell Hex Head Cap Screw 4X-171-33 Saco Lowell Holding Ring Rail Spring 4X-171-33 Saco Lowell Housing and Bearing Assembly, F.E. Plate #1782-11 Saco Lowell Housing for Horizontal Lifting Shaft Bearing Saco Lowell HT Bushing Winddown Spacer 3T-L4893-1 Saco Lowell Idler Gear 172T 3T-L5238-1 Saco Lowell Idler Rod Bracket 3T-J5217-1 Saco Lowell Idler Rod Bracket (Short) 3T-J5048-1 Saco Lowell Idler Rod Cap Bracket 3T-J5052-2 Saco Lowell Idler Rod (LONG) Plate#1782-12 Key#12-11 Saco Lowell Jack Gear 70T 192-L3970-1 Saco Lowell Jack R.H. Stud 3T-L5022-1 Plate#1782-5 Saco Lowell Lapett Guide Rod Block 194-E6514-1 Saco Lowell Lappit Assembly 3TE-5036-1 Saco Lowell Latch, Door Handle Assembly Plate 1782-1, Key 1-21 Lay Train Sprocket 30T 3T-L5097-1 Saco Lowell Lifter Rod Top L.H. Guide 3T-F4987-1 Saco Lowell Lifter Transverse Rod Plate Yoke Saco Lowell Lifting Rod Bottom Barcket 3T-F4988-1 Saco Lowell Lock Hug Ring Rail Nut 4X-222-2 Saco Lowell Lock Nut for Spur Gear Stud4T-L4072-1 Saco Lowell Martin Bushing 2" Woods E2 Saco Lowell MORSE Chain 329934 SC304CG 10ft Saco Lowell MORSE Chain 329939 SC404CG 10ft Saco Lowell Mounting Bearing Bracket M9 H420 Saco Lowell NECK ASSY-BTM ROLL,FE RH saco lowell Neck Roll H.E., L.H. 193-D6793-4 Saco Lowell Neck Roll HE, RH Saco Lowell Oil (Carburator) Borgosia Regulator Saco Lowell Pin 4T-L4072-1 Saco Lowell Pittman Roll 3S-3947-1A Saco Lowell Pittman Roll Plate Stand 193-M5733-1 Saco Lowell Pivot Pin 4T-F4034-1 Saco Lowell Plate Frame Door Hinge Saco Lowell Plate, Seat, 3T-F5034-1, SACO LOWELL Plunger 4T-L4073-1 Saco Lowell Pulley Bracket Pin 4T-J4205-1 Saco Lowell Pulley Tension R.H. Bracket Saco Lowell Rod Bottom Traverse Plate Guide 4T-E4463-1 Saco Lowell Rod, End, Turnbuckle Builder 4T-M4160-1A Saco Lowell Rod Top Traverse Plate 194-E4884-1 Saco Lowell Roller Travers Drive Saco Lowell Roll Ring Rail Seat Assembly 3T-F5222-1A Saco Lowell Roll Ring Rail Seat Assembly Saco Lowell Roll Stand Cap 3T-D5075-1 Saco Lowell Saco Lowell Bearing Sint. 5/8 Saco Lowell Collar Coupling 3S-10637-2 Saco Lowell Coupling Complete with Collars and Cone Saco Lowell Cover Sprocket Assembly 3T-D5293-2A Saco Lowell Horizontal Lifting Shaft Bearing Assembly Saco Lowell Ider Gear Housing Assembly Saco Lowell PMP Bearing Assembly Cylinder Shaft Saco Lowell Spacer for a Taverse Drive Saco Lowell Spacer for a Traverse Drive Saco Lowell Spacer Traverse Drive Saco Lowell Tape Pully Assembly Complete Bearing Saco Lowell Worm Single RH SAMSON Beam Roller 1T-P1834-1 Saco Lowell SAMSON H.E. Drive Shaft 34 1/2" Long Saco Lowell SAMSON Rail Base 1T-P1836-1 Saco Lowell Seat, Ring, Rail Separator Plate Foot 4T-F4422-9 Saco Lowell Shaft worm Drive 4T Saco Lowell Sherical Roller Bearing Unit 1-3/4" FC-B22428H Saco Lowell Silent Chain C3715Bx 10ft (3.05M) 3/8x1 Saco Lowell Spacer Intermediate Bearing Shaft 4T-L4076-1 Saco Lowell Spring 4T-L4071-1 Saco Lowell Sprocket 48T HSL Saco Lowell Sprocket n41B23 For Counter Weights Saco Lowell Stud for Bottom Turnbucket 3T-M5053-1 Saco Lowell STUD-IDLER GEAR,8-7/8" Saco Lowell Stud Wind Down 3T-L4891-1 Saco Lowell Swing Arm 2T-L3130-1 Saco Lowell Swing Lay Train Arm 2T-L3128-1 Saco Lowell Tape Pulley Plate 178-11 Key #11-12 Saco Lowell Taper-lock Bushing 2" 3030 Saco Lowell T-Bolt for Ring Rail Seat 4T-F4095-1 Saco Lowell Tension Pulley Bracket 2T-J3139-1 Saco Lowell Tip Wind Down Crank Saco Lowell Top Roller Sprocket 17T Saco Lowell Top Roller Sprocket 21T 3T-D4055-1A Saco Lowell Turnbuckle Body 4X-1171-3 Saco Lowell Vertical Lay Train Worm Shaft Plate #1782-6 193-L6534-2 Saco Lowell Warner Brake 4X2930-1 Saco Lowell Washer 5/8x1x.025 Winddown Crank 3T-L5046-1A Saco Lowell Winddown Stud 3T-L4891-1 Saco Lowell Worm Drive Shaft 4T-C4218-1 Saco Lowell Worm Gear 160T, 10P 193-L6799-1 Saco Lowell Worm Gear 160T M4-L730 Saco Lowell Worm Single Lead L.H. Saco Lowell

Electro-Pneumatic Transducer

Control Air Inc, Electropneumatic Transducer E/P 500X D Series 3" Transducer 2'Long Model 9703 Fairchild T6000 Extended Range Electro-Pneumatic Transducer Fairchild T6000 Extended Range Electro-Pneumatic Transducer TAFI6000-404 EXTENDED RANGE ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC TRANSDUCER Used Fairchild T6000 Extended Range Electro-Pneumatic Transducer

Pneumatic Valves

67F Regulator 67F R Regulator 92B-000-BAA Pneumatic Valve 92B-AAF-000-DM-DFBP-40G PNEUMATIC VALVE 9 81 Veriflo Pressure Gauge AQUAMATIC AIR VALVE ASCO 2-Way Direct-Acting Solenoid Valve 310197 ASCO Flow Control Valve 8317G36 120 volt ASCO Flow Control Valve 8345B2 ASCO Flow Control Valve V022 ASCO General Purpose Valve EF8210G100 ASCO Soleniod 302663 ASCO Solenoid Valve U8262D22 ASCO Valve 120/60,110/50 8210G34 Atkomatic Steam Valve Model 4408.G AAGS 1" Atkomatic Valve Atkomatic Valve Co., Inc. Valve Atlas 63569 part No. 12-5113-00 Bimba Stainless FCP4KB-504-DXP TE Concordia Fluidtechnik Solenoid Valve FC92B-BA Pneumatic Valve Festo Type 2201 MCH-4-1/4 FESTO Valve FESTO VALVE Fisher Type 95 H-24 Forkhardt Steuerblock 10 pneumatic valve Front Flange Gen. Pur. Valve 8210G35 Gen. Pur. Valve GO Regulator 102621 Valve GO Regulator 102621 Valve GO Regulator BP3-1A1115G111 GO Regulator BP3-1A11I5J111 Valve GO Regulator BP3-6A11I5D101 GO Regulator BP3-A11I5D111 Regulator Valve GO Regulator PR1-1A11B3J11 Valve Hagan AIR VALVE P/N 478749-1D3785 HOKE 3732M4B Needle Valve HONEYWELL FLUID GAS VALVE V4055A-1007-3 Lexair Pneumatic mini-1 Valve MAC 45A-AA2-DDAJ-1KD MAC Solenoid Valve 2Way 811CPM111CA152 METZENAUER & JUNG FF4-4 Model 655-1 Differential Pressure Transmitter Norgren Air Valve Norgren Valve IP65 NUMATICS NUMATICS Model:123BA43AKL11B30 ORIGINAL FORKARDT Valve Press Reduction 1/2" Parker Pneumatic Parker Veriflo 43700244 FS190SAP EXCESS FLOW SHUT OFF VALVE Parker Veriflo 43700249 20 FS190SEP EXCESS FLOW SHUT OFF VALVE Parker Veriflo FLV 110 Excess Flow Shut-Off Valve 43100830D Pneumatic Valve 92B-ABA-000-DM-DDAJ-1KJ Pneumatic Valve Bosch 0821201008 PXBB1921 Switch Body RIELEX Quad Temperature Limit Switch 1850587 Ross W1613B2020 Solenoid Valve Samson Overflow Valve 110*C Shut Off Valve Repair Kit 1-1/2" SIDE-PORTED SUB-BASE SMC NVS4114 air valve SMC Pilot Operation Solenoid NVFR2100-5FZ Solenoid Valve JJ 500 Solenoid Valve Repair Kit Part Number 12-2070-00 Stickstoff Micro Regulator Valve Switch board with gauges Tescom 26-1022-24-014 Pressure Regulator Valve Tescom N72545 Pressure Regulator Valve 44-2260-241-118 Valve Repair Kit Valve, Take Up Machine Watts 152A M3 Western Enterprises Brass Acetylene Flash Arrestor FA-1 Wika Pressure Gauge Type 232,30,100 Wilkerson Regulator 1/4" Zim-Air Hoist Hook Control

Pneumatic Regulators

Airco Regulator 806-9403 Harris Model 87-1500 Single Stage Regulator IR4003BK6656 Veriflo Regulator Parker Veriflo 48300032 Pressure Regulator PVR-2 Circle Seal Regulator Veriflo HPR800 Series Regulator with Pressure Gauge, Type HPR800B-5P-10-30-4-580 Veriflo HPR800 Series Regulator with Pressure Gauge, Type HPR801B-5P-20-40-4-580 Veriflo Regulator 11500865 with Pressure Gauge Veriflo Regulator 43500123 with Pressure Gauge

Pressure Guages

ASHCROFT Guage 1 1/2" 30psi max. W1005 Black ASHCROFT Guage Size:2 1/2 Range: 300psi Manifold Press Gauge PR40S1A4P04 W61542SSS ReoTemp Pressure Guage Pressure Gauge WIKA - 1000 PSI PRESSURE GAUGE WIKA - 111.11.53 PRESSURE GAUGE 3000 PSI

Motor Controls

300 Series Product Controller 3VU1300-IMG00 Motor Controller Contactor 3VU1300-IMK00 Motor Start Protector Airpax Precision Control Techometer 080-321-0214 RELIANCE ELECTRIC Network Communication Module 57C404B

Drive Train

7' Drive Chain 80Q28 sprocket with bushing Browning, Emerson Electric Q1-1 3/6 5/16 x 5/32 KS metal Bushing Browning Steel Collar 800BU200 C17076 sprocket Guide Chain Drive Sprocket TG80A28 K Coupling Dayco #750h300 Timing Belt Dayco #980xh300 Extra Heavy Timing Belt Dayco #980xh300, Extra Heavy Timing Belt Dayco Belt #840xh300 Extra Heavy Timing Belt Dayco #d660h200 Timing Belt Dodge Taper Lock Sprocket Dogde 175 Tigear Reducer Double Chain Drive with splice unit approximately 29" x 2 3/8 New Drive Chain Fafnir VAK 2 3/16 Standard Duty Self-Locking Collar Flexbeam 3 flexible coupling FCR20-6-6-A Gearbox Idler Shaft #SB-0833/1 Gears Gerwah Metal Bellows Couplings Habasit Hamel Drive Belt S-391 Pulley SKF Unit Roller Collar Mount FYRP 1.7/16H Springs Sprocket Steam Travel Shaft Up to 2 1/8" Travel Timing Belt Pulley

Mechanical Clutch

Brake Disc Brake Lever A-425-D-60228 Browing TGC400 Torque Guard Overload Clutch Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Lever (Stopper) LOVEJOY 8S 36143 LOVEJOY 8S 46142 Warner Electric Clutch Warner EM 180-20 Brake and Clutch


1015/1230 Hook-up and Lead Wire Backplane Communication Modules Holoflex II Double Ended Extender Cable 9 ft. Wrap-Cap Insulator for Wire Connection Model 417

AC Drives

AC Integrator 690+ Series 690+0001/460/1BN Allen Bradley 1336 Plus II Adjustable Frequency AC Drive Allen Bradley 1336 Plus II Adjustable Frequency AC Drive Allen Bradley 22B-D010N104 Baldor VS1SP57-1B 7.5HP Inverter Drive CD10 Vaiable Frequency Inverter CFW 08 Vector Inverter Plus Conair DC Drive Control DPM6130E Eurotherm 690+ Series AC drive w remote Eurotherm Drives 590 Digital Series GP5 CIMR-P5U23P7G Variable Frequency Drive GPD 505 MagneTek Idec PS5R-E24 International Power IHC28-2.0 KBRG Regenerative DC Motor Control Magnetec Lancer GPD 502 L715 AC Drive Magnetec Lancer GPD 502 L716 AC Drive Magnetek GPD 315 Model: MVB003 MAGNETEK GPD 333 Mitsubishi FR-A024-1/5K-UL Mitsubishi V500 Inverter Parker Compumotor Parker Digiplan Stepping Motor Drive Type PK3 Profibus-DP Communications Interface Eurotherm Drive 584SV 605A,605B, 605C 590+ 590+ DRV, 690+ Profibus-DP Communications Interface Eurotherm Drive 584SV 605A,605B, 605C 590+ 590+ DRV, 690+ RA1H05BTN Variable Frequency Inverter Reliance Electric 1AC2105U AC Drive Reliance Electric AC Drive GP-2000 2GU41005 RELIANCE GP-2000 2GU4103 AC DRIVE SSD Diagnostics SSD Micro Drive 590 Series VS Drive SP500 Warner Control Techniques SECO AC/DC Rebuilt Drive Warner Electric AC Adjustable Speed Drive Yaskawa Servopack SGDH-60DE Yaskawa SGDH-30DE Servo Drive x

Pneumatic Actuators

APOLLO Actuator BVA 2 125psi Clippard Actuator Dayton Linear Auctuators Norbro Pneumatic Actuator Setup 40R Series Pneumatic Piston Actuators D-3244-3 Series TOL-O-MATIC Pneumatic Rodless Actuator - BC2 Series Band Cylinders - BC212


16-0154-02 Atlas Part 24770 PPHM Meter 5091-2012 7261AR4X4FRX Beamswitch 7261AT0X2FXX Beamswitch 7263AR4X4FRP Beamswitch 9114WATLOW Firebar UO94HP1W Airpax Passive Sensor 70087 3040 001 Atlas 06L32202 Atlas 19-9162-00 Atlas 20-1542-01 Probe L Stem We/Dry Record Banner Fiber Optic Bifrucat Threaded 17276 Banner Sensor Q45VR2 BARMAG Heating Rob 450mm Brush Monitor LZNQ4-US Cable Pull Switch Crouzet 81501025 Sequencer Module D-7533 Proximity Switch Diffuse Reflective Sensor Type OST-FNKG/OS519 Efector100 IFW201 Inductive proximity Switches Efector100 IFW201 Inductive proximity Switches Efector Diffuse Reflective Sensor Type OS 5016 Efector Diffuse Reflective Sensor Type OS 5018/OST-FPKG Efector Inductive Proximity Sensor IIA3010-BPKG, # II5256 Efector Inductive Proximity Switch IE5207, IEB2001AROG Efector Inductive Proximity Switch IF5861, IFA3004-BPKG Efector Inductive Proximity Switch KG5016, KG-2008-FRKG Efector Proximity Switch IGA3005 LBPOG Endress & Hauser Soliphant II Probe and Cable Fiber End Assembly for OMNI-BEAM 24728 Fike 9911748 Gestra RK41/44 ND 6/10/16 NW 15 Honeywell 9051 Proximity Switch IFB3002-BPKG Proximity Switch IFL 8-18-10zT Incremental Rotary Encoder Indramat: Type 104-18A Inductive Proximity Switch I/U MONITORING 17KVA I/U Monitoring 34KV JUMO Thermometer LASER SENSOR wide area thrubeam LECTRODRYER LEVEL PROBE Model 1011 S/N 18810 Level Switch 385007-A1 LV-51MP Keyence General Purpose Digital Laser Sensor LV-51MP Keyence General Purpose Digital Laser Sensor LV-H300 General Purpose Laser Transmitter & Receiver Mini-Beam Expert Series Modutec Panel Meter MQDC1-515 CORDSET EUROFAST 2METER Cable Omiron EE-SPZ401 Photomicrosensor Photoelectric E69-FBA Power Block Analog 120vac Proximity Sensor PSC20103 Quantum Controls part# JJ48G-012-00-16-T1P060-2 Red and Black Button Covers Reliance Current Monitor 64418-5D RG-1937-2 Electrocube Capacitor RG 1986-8-6 Electrocube Capacitor ROSEMOUNT GAGE ROSEMOUNT GAGE Rosemount Thermostat 40/8 ROSEMOUNT Thermostat .994 Samson 5288 Converter Schmersal Cord SI-QS-SSU Safety Switch Starrett 25-631 Dial Travel Indicator TELCO Control System Light Receiver part No 0462130300 Telco Light Receiver LR 100 NG 15 M partNo. 0462130300 Telco Light transmitter LT 110 NG 15 M partNo. 0463135300 Telemecanique Cable Controlled Emergency Stop Trip Wire Type 22DJ9, Model 4000 Photoswitch U-GAGE Analog Q45U Ultrasonic Sensors Veltron Pressure Indicating Transmitter WL27-F730 Photoelectric Reflex WL27-F730 Photoelectric Reflex Switch


Lumus Spring A166822 Lumus Spring A16682 and Plastic Ring 3 1/2 Diameter Spring 39778A

Pneumatic Connectors

AIRPAX Connector CA798601800 BEX 3/8H 15W D3M3 Pneumatic coupler box of 10 Deublin 555-390-395 Rotary Union Deublin 555-390-396 Rotary Union Fisher 3590 Electro-Pneumatic Positioner MODICON High-Density/Low-Density Connector Parker Fluid connector X164PL-6 Perfecting Coupling Company D3M3 Connector 10 pack Precision Tubing QJSE-SS Spraying System SO 40-1/8-1/8 Brass Tube/Valve Union

Motor Brushes

3015831, brush, DC motor, GE, 625A637AA1 BRUSHOLDER EG236S Motor Brush GE MOTORS Brush Holder 36B473003AA-H02 MARTIN BRUSH 5/8"-5/8"x1"x2-5/8" RE041G Motor Brush RE44AU Motor Brush RELIANCE Brush Holder 706364-1CA Schaefer Brush Flue & Condenser Brush Warner Electric Dive Spring Pin P/N 5201-101-008


Browning Part 26HP100 Continuous Sleeve Flexible Gear Coupling Drive Gear #11-12-43702 Gear 11-10-99907 Gear #11-12-26201 Gear #11-12-43701 Gearbox Idler Shaft #SB-0833/1 Gear Housing Adaptor Gear Housing Adaptor Gear Hsng End Shield Gearmeter and Pinion Gear Gearmotor Gegulator Gearmotor & Pinion Gear Gearmotor & Pinion Gear GEARMOTOR & PINION GEAR Gearwheel Gear Hoechst Celanese-Spartanburg Pulley (Front Shaft) F1.0 Hoechst Celanese-Spartanburg Pulley (T/K Ratio C) T0.94 Hoechst Celanese-Spartanburg Pulley (T/K Ratio C) T1.0 Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Pulley (Front Shaft) F0.94 Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Pulley (Front Shaft) F0.95 Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Pulley (T/K Ratio C) T0.95 Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Pulley (T/K Ratio C) T0.96 Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Pulley (T/K Ratio C) T0.97 Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Pulley (T/K Ratio C) T0.98 Hoescht Celanese-Spartanburg Pulley (Front Shaft) F0.99 J+D Gear+Mach #4016, Main Pull Roll Gear Lower Pull Roll Gear BRONZE #3101 Lubrication Gear #11-12-44008 Master Worm Gear 602413-14 Pulley, Gearbelt Pulley, Gearbelt RED LION CONTROLS GEAR 10/60 GEAR SPLIT .875 INCH BORE SPRCKT Tension Gear TK-Up Cplng Zenith 15-25122-022-2 Driven Gear (Gear,Driven) Zenith 15-25222-0072 Driving Gear

Printed Circuit Boards

76500 9434/H Regulator Card Ciruit Board, Control, Logic Elec-Trol Reed Relay RA30593121-03 General Electric 1267913011 Thyristor Genuine Reliance Renewal Parts Printed Circuit JPAC-C272 Circuit Board Logic Board for Westinghouse Drive OKIDATA YA4042-1062G Replacement Part PRINTED CIRCUIT GATE COUPLING CARD Programmable DC Isolating Transmitter Model: PSD-SD861 Relay 5-slot Subrack RELIANCE Gate Coupling Board RELIANCE PC Board Field Loss 0-51426-l RELIANCE PC Board VSX FIELD 705330-31R Schlafhorst Circuit Board Anspinnprufer 1 Schlafhorst Circuit Board K+S Digital 1 Schlafhorst Electronics Circuit Board 117-650 247 Fa Schlafhorst Electronics Circuit Board 117-650 248F Schlafhorst Electronics Circuit Board 117-655 577 Gc Schlafhorst Electronics Circuit Board 117-690030D Schlafhorst Electronics Circuit Board 117-690040D Schlarfhorst Electronics Circuit Board Schlarfhorst Electronics Circuit Board Schlarfhorst Electronics Circuit Board 117-690032D WARNER Q7005 DC Quad Q7005-1 WESTINGHOUSE Circuit 212P003HO1C

Pneumatic Clutch

910011 Horton Pneumatic Clutch


3154-61-06D coupling Browning Jaw Coupling CHJP5 Continuous Sleeve Flexible Gear Coupling Coupling Model 7/8 Max 1 1/4" Dodge 010601 coupling Falk Coupling Hub 60FDG/FDP RSB Fixed Idler Pulley #39-04-10024 Quadra-Flex Coupling Sleeve Reliance Electic Motor Tach Shafts Taper-Lock Taper Lock Bushing 2517 1-3/4" TIMKEN Tapered Roller Bearing LM-11910 CUP Uniflex Pipe Coupling Warner Electric Brake

Hydraulic Pump

BUSCH Pump Type RC0021.S015.1101 Diaphragm Pump Imaje ENM5629 B Pump Pressure With Bypass Masterflex L/S Easy Load II 77201-60 Pump Head Masterflex Pump NOPAK Metering Pump 0401756 SPEEDAIR METERING PUMP MODEL 2W490 TRD Metering Pump VM PUMP Versa-Matic Pump Warrender PVDF Centrifugal Pump Threaded w/Motor

DC Drives

Joslyn Clark SCR DC Drive Contactor KBIC-120 DC Motor Drive Leesona DC driver Quadraline 7000 Resolver & Drive I/O P2 - Drive WARNER ELECTRIC SE2302 DC Drive Model SE2302




12-4870-01 Pulley Martin 22XL037 Timing Pulley Measuring Wheel



Mechanical Cam


Repair Kits

ATKOMATIC Replacement Parts ATKOMATIC Replacement Parts ATKOMATIC Replacement Parts ATKOMATIC Replacement Piston Rings ATKOMATIC Replacements Parts C8 Repair Kit for Knife Gate Valve COUPLING REPAIR KIT CR Industries Oil Seal 29951 CYLINDER REPAIR KIT Eastman/CRA 523C151 FEDERAL MOGUL Oil Seal 415958 GARLOCK Oil Seal 63X1483 Regulator Repair Kit RK119B Shaft Blower-Epoxy Wheel Warner 5201-101-008 Brake


1-1/4" Sprocket ACT LIN CYL

Flow Controls

06R313AC Parker 1/2" Regulator 1110-09H3B1A B25-1810-AKA Magnetrol STI Flanged Float Cage Liquid Level Switches Bray Controls 90-0830-21320-532 C350F02A6 Coil CR 740-F Level Control DeZURIK Actuator Code GSB-DL-30-D-C-20 Endress+Hauser Liquiphant II SPDT Relay FISCHER PORTER Flowmeter Model D10A3239N FISHER Actuator Type 667 Flowmeter GENR SCREEN Heinrichs Flow Element Flowmeter Messgerate 619060 HydroNorma Item LRP-95-673 FROM WILKERSON Oil Mist Genr Tube Parker Gold Ring Solenoid Valve Parker Schrader Bellows inline valve pressure switch 41/350/12 Rexroth, 50 0127 Rexroth 535 270 100 0 Pressure Controller REXROTH Float Switch 370 AB 31-04 Valve Repair Kit 3017346 VICKERS Directional Valve Model:400857DG4S4018CWB50

Mechanical Seals

1284 Merriman Clamp 3154-61-07D Collar 6" x 100" x 0.005" Brass Shim Branch Tube Seal Ring Chicago Rawhide OIL SEAL JOINT RADIAL Cntrfgl Pmp Ring Diaphram Type 1052 "D" Series Seal Kit by Motion Controls Eaton Seal A-79972-0004 Federal Mogul OIL SEALS (4051) FP5437. ISS. 1 Spider Plates Garlock Compression Packing Guide Rim John Crane pump seal type 1100 1.375 Miller 052-PS003-200 Leather Cup Seals OIL SEAL (6815) O Ring O Ring Set of 47 Ring, Branch Tube Seal Seal Gasket SKF AHX 318 Teroson Terostat Sealing tape Y-3-16-E Falls Rupture Disk


10 x 10 Glassfloss filter Part # GTA10101 Busch Filters Filter Glassfloss Industries Replacement Filter 10x10x1 Ingersoll Rand Filter Ingersoll Rand Oil Filter Demister Smaller 2AC Ingersol Rand Coolant Filter 54672654/B NOV 84C HD Air Filter SMI Cylinder Filter Out Dia 5", In Dia 2.5", 5" tall Solberg Filter

Filters & Separators

10 x 10 Glassfloss filter Part # GTA10101 1137-2 Wilkerson Fllter 6JC95 filter Anderson Wire Works Filter 13819 50 Pack Anderson Wire Works Inc. Wire Screen Anderson Wire Works Inc. Wire Screen Aqua-Pure Dirt/Rust Water Filter Model: AP10S ARROW Particulate Filter Black and Blue Filter Caplugs Bosch 1-827-000-001 Pneumatic Filter Cloth Filter FCCSF2005-432 CONTINENTAL FS 530-11 Bleeder EFP Extruder Screens RT1.850" X 22.047" 24X110 SS Flat EFP Filter AB DO 16-3/16"x13-3/16" 40-120-40 SS FIFE Air Filter FIFE Air Filter FIFE Filter Filter Glassfloss Industries Replacement Filter 10x10x1 High Temperature .9 Micron Particles AES. DT750HT High Temperature Filter DT750HT Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Filter (Chamber-Yarn Waste) Ingersoll Rand Filter Ingersoll Rand Oil Filter Demister Smaller 2AC Ingersol Rand Coolant Filter 54672654/B Purolator HD Air Filter PUROLATOR HD Air Filter 1 Type AF-10 Small Pneumatic Tank SMI Cylinder Filter Out Dia 5", In Dia 2.5", 5" tall Solberg Filter Wilkerson FRP-95-212 Filter Element Wilkerson FRP-95-566 Equivalent Particulate Filter


1/2" inch ball valve 1" Inch Ball Valve 3/8" inch Ball valve Automatic Switch Co (ASCO) 316-002 MP-C-080 Valve DECCO SOLENOID CONTROL COIL 115VOLT 60HZ DEZURIK Valves Style GSB Size 5 DEZURIK Valve Style GSB DL-70-R-C-23 FISHER Low Pressure Regulator Type 6492 FISHER SERIES 200 Pressure reducing regulator Flowrite Valve 591 GROTH Pressure/Vacuum relief valves Justrite Self Closing Gate Valve # 8-552 Brass LESLIE Valve size 1 1/2 NORGREN R01-200-RNMD Parker Solenoid Valve Repair Kit 04F20C3114BDFR Pneumatic Valve POWERS PROCESS CONTROLS Line valve SOLENOID VALVE 4WAY 1/4NPT Warren 1" CF8M 2000 WOG Ball Valve Watts Fluidair R119-08C M2

Mechanical Spacers

1L704 1-1/4 " Clamp Style Shaft Collar 379-000-039 Sleeve 4" P.W.D. Caps 60FDG/FDP Spacer, Split 7/8x1-1/8"x9/16 Bushing BRG SPCR Browing Bushing Size P Browning Bushing Size P Browning Bushing Size P Browning Bushing Size Q Browning Bushing Size Q Browning Bushing Size Q BSHG BRANCH TUBE (11) Coil Strap Falk 0355605 Lovejoy Elastomeric Sleeve Protective Cap Series F SIGNODE Release Wedge 15301 Washer, Gearmeter, STL Zenith 15-62664-0012-3 Rear Plate Zenith 15-62764-0003-3 Gear Plate Zenith 15-62964-0003-3 Front Plate


30 Volt 1 Amp Transformer Acme Electric Corporation Power Transformer Acme Electric Industrial Control Transformer Advance Transformer Constant Voltage Transformer 63-23-112-4 Constant Voltage Transformer 63-23-125-4 Control Circuit Transformer X-326539 Control Transformer Cutler-Hammer S20N11SO3N DECCO 9-1191M 115V COIL DYNAMATIC Clutch Stat Field Coil General Electric 9T51B0012 General Electric 9T51B13 Specialty Transformer General Electric Transformer 9T51Y4 General Electric Transformer 9T58B0052G10 General Purpose Transformer GE Transformer 9T55Y2335G5 GE Transformer Model:9T21B1004G02 Type:QMS GE Transformer Type- IP 9T58B3213 Honeywell Transformer Assy 8552 Industrial Control Transformer MagneTek Transformer Mannesmann Rexroth Transformer Push Button Transformer 30.5mm Rectifier 705330-27RB RELIANCE 64670-11T Current Transformer Reliance Current Transformer 101591-C Reliance Current Transformer 64670-11S Reliance Current Transformer 64670-11S Reliance Current Transformer EIA3948336S Reliance Electric Current Transformer 64670-11R 48A Reliance Electric Transformer 64670-11T RELIANCE Suppressor Trans 411026-AW Sola Constant Voltage Transformer 23-23-125-8 Square D Transformer 230/460V Stancor P-8617 Transformer Teco Transformer 3469 Transformer Transformer Transformer 411027-32R Transformer TA-1-81212 Acme Electric Corporation Transformer TA-1-81217 Acme Transformer Type MTA Control Transformer

Fiber Extrusion

Fiber Extrusion Parts

Fiber Extrusion Parts

AN6-012-40841 spinnerette AN6-028-4099 spinnerette by Kasen

Timing Belt Pulley

44H200 QD Inch Timing Belt Pulley Browning Gearbelt 2L569 CLP-BL1 1-1/8" RIBTYPE DRUM COVER Dayco #750h300 Timing Belt Dayco #980xh300 Extra Heavy Timing Belt Dayco Belt #840xh300 Extra Heavy Timing Belt Dayco #d660h200 Timing Belt Dayco Super Blue Ribbon BP38 V-Belt


10A IEC 255-1-00 RELAY 1 pole miniture power plug-in relay Releco Serie QR-C DC24 20116-82 Deltrol Controls Electromechanical Relay 2060APS240AC Relay 3014736 Relay 30-EO-30 600V Relay 42R06 12000 G-SIL RELAY 700-N110A1 A-B Control Relay Bulletin 700 Type N AC Relay 700-N120A1 A-B Control Relay Bulletin 700 Type N AC Relay 700-N210A1 A-B Control Relay Bulletin 700 Type N AC Relay 700-N300A1 A-B Control Relay Bulletin 700 Type N AC Relay 700-N330A1 A-B Control Relay Bulletin 700 Type N AC Relay 700S-CF620DJC Safety Control Relay 8-530 DPDT Relay Action Pak Model 6010-104 AEG 2 analog 0, Rev 14 AEG Relay 2A Agastat 2112D5NE Timing Relay Agastat 2112D5NH Timing Relay Agastat 2122D4NE Timing Relay Allen Bradley 193-BSB-16 Overload Relay Allen Bradley AC Relay 700-P400A1 A Allen-Bradley Bulletin 800T-XD1 Series D Allen-Bradley Relay Industrail 300V AC 10Amp max. Allen-Bradley Time Delay Relay 700-NT Allen-Bradley Timer Pneumatic 600VAC Allen Bradley W40 Motor Control Overload Relay Atlas Relay R10 E16 V430 Bailey Meter Company Hand Relay Assembly, Spare Parts Kit No. 256127-1 Bailey Meter Company Hand Relay Assembly, Spare Parts Kit Number P91-7 BBC Relay BFF22F Westinghouse Industrial Control Relay Bulletin 7305 Type PMS Slim Jim Relay Bulletin C300-Size "3" Standard Trip Eutectic Overload Relay Control Components Control Relay Control Relay C3-A 30 Control Relay Type 252-PVUU 120V 60Hz Control Relay Type: 253-PBVU Control Relay Type P 700-P000A1 CROMPTON INSTRUMENTS RU-SEBX- - 12 Protector Trip Relay Current Relay Circuit Control Dehumidifier Fan Relay Type: PR5AG DIL00-40-f Kluckner-Moeller Relay DURAKOOL Contactor 2060APS208ACDV FRABA Relais Type NMR Furnas 46MT20F MT/46 Relay General Electric Relay 12HMA11E6 GENERAL ELECTRIC Resistance Sensitive Relay 3S7511RS575A1 Heater Overload Element Relay Joslyn Clark Unit Polr for Relay 10Amp KHU17A11 Relay KRAUS&NAIMER Control Relay S9 KUP-11A11-120 RELAY Magnecraft W97ACPX3 Relay Magnecraft W97CPX-2 Relay Magnetic Control Relay MERC RLY 2NO 35A 240VCOIL Mercury Switch Midtex 48-02C1A2 Relay MINATURE RELAY PLUG IN 600434-Z 4000 Modicon Relay AS-BDAP-21 Modicon Relay DAP 212 Moeller Contactor Relay Circuit MSR138.1DP SAFETY RELAY 24VAC/DC 2NO 2NO PLUS 1NC NC Contact Kit O/U Frequency Relay 253-PHDU Overcurrent Relay 3UA41010H SIEMENS Overload Relay Overload Relay MSP TYPE E SO CL10 Overload Relay RVH22P OVERLOAD THERMAL UNIT HEATING ELEMENT Parplleling Relay Model 6-238 Serial 47977 Pilz PNOZ 24VDC 3S/1O 474695 Safety Relay Potter & Brumfield Relay Potter & Brumfield Relay KU-4699 Potter & Brumfield Relay KU-6015-1 RELAY 600434-36R Relay Control Relay Control 4PDT 24VAC Coil Relay Socket 4PDT 14 BLADE Miniature RELAY Time Delay 1.8-180Seconds RELAY Type 252-PVRU Relay type.n Bulletin 700 Allen Bradley Releco Relay Serie QR-C AC120v 60H Reliance Electric 69331-R Relay 1Pole RM 23 RELAY Type RM23 Safety Control Relay 8pole Siemens 3UN2100-0CB4 Thermistor Relay SIEMENS Contactor 3TB42 17-0A Siemens Contactor 3TB50 Sigma Relay Solid State Relay Solid State Relay RSDA - 660100-100 Square D Control Relay Class 8501 Square D Control Relay Class 8501 Type G0-40 SQUARE D Control Relay Class 8501 Type L Square D Overload Relay Class 9065 Type SEO-5 Square D Relay Class 9065 Square D Thermal Overload Relay SQUARE D Timing Relay Class 8501 Type LT Stanley Relay 303606 Stanley Relay 303606 Stanley Relay 404634 Stanley Relay 408096 STRUTHERS-DUNN Control Relay Type-425XBX SYLVANIA Relay 2N12276 SYRELEC 64418-6A Current Control Relay DIRTTSP82 SYRELEC Current Relay Circuit Control DIRT 110A 1995-H Telemecanique CA2-DN131 Control Magnetic Relay Telemecanique CA2DN22G6 Control Relay Tesch Relay Typ-PSKIII 5008 Thermap Overload Relay Model B Time Delay Realy 1-10 Second Time Delay Relay Time Delay Relay 120vac Time Delay Relay On-Delay 0-6 Sec. 120VAC 50/60Hz Timing Unit Bul.700-NT Series:C Allen-Bradley TSX Compact Discrete Output Relay DAP 204


AMETEK Electronic Transmitter Simulator 93R AMETEK Electro-Pneumatic Calibrator 93CP Rosemount Coductivity Sensor


Capacitor CAPACITOR Genuine Reliance Renewal Parts Capacitor MALLORY Electronic Components

Electrical Connectors

3TF3300-0A Contactor 700-HN101 Series B Base Socket 800T-XA Allen Bradley Contact Block, Series C Amphenol 97-3057-1010-1 Connector Amphenol MS3102 Box Mount Receptacle 8344 Amphenol MS3102 Box Mount Receptacle 8346 Amphenol MS3106 Box Mount Receptacle 8738 General East Instr. Corp. Model:1111D Hubbell 7210-B Twist Lock Receptacle Hubbell Twist Lock receptacle 7210 KD221205A7 Contactor Block Milwaukee 6000 ohn resistor Phonix Contact Block Type K4


Hewlett Packard AC Amplifier

Signal Converters

Allied Radio Corporation Controller DFE iAMP Transducer Interface Dynisco Transducer PT244-2.5C-2406/18 Dynisco Transducer PT422A Moore Industries Signal Converter TI20-F2C Transducer

Selector Switch

Nema Type 4,13 Selector Switch


Extruder Parts Repair Kits Saco Lowell - Meadows Twister Parts

Hydraulic Cylinder

BIMBA Stainless 042-P ZH Dayton JIC Hydraulic Cylinder 1-1/2" Bore x 8" Stroke PARKER Cylinder Series 3L TRD Manufacturing, Inc Bore/Stroke 2" x 27"

Pneumatic Actuators

480 V Actuator BIMBA Stainless 042-P ZH Compac Torque Actuator CTS-40 with Apollo 120 Psig Ball Valve CF8M Green Pneumatic Actuator WestingHHouse AcTuator

Diaphragm Pump

ARO 1/2" 666056-2A4 Diaphragm pump Yamada DP-10-BAN Diaphragm Pump

Hydraulic Valve

Apollo Ball Valve Apolo 86-505-A1A Stainless Steel 3-Piece High Pressure Full Port Ball Valve Asco 27-502-1 Valve Coil Hydro-electric piston type pressure switch; Type HED 1 41/350/12 Rexroth, 50 1168 Z2FS10-24V Hydraulic Directional Valve

Extruder Parts

Asco 27-462-1D Valve Coil Asco 27-502-41D Valve Coil Asco 96-619-1-D Valve Coil Asco 96-817-1-D Valve Coil CR-05500200-021-S, 5-1/2" Mesh 0021 SS Circles U.S. Filter Extruder Screens CR-5195-200-021-S, 5.195" 20 Mesh 0021 SS Circle Extruder Screens 20 Mesh pack of 5 Extruder Screens 24x110, 50 per pack Extruder Screens 325, 100 per pack

Drive Chain

240L Drive Chain PIV Kette Chain Gear

DC Motors

BALDOR DC Motor .75HP 180V 1750RPM 3.9AMPS FR:56C Powertec Brushless DC Motor 1000 Regen

Gear Motors

074 10019 Small Motor/Gearmotor Eberhard Bauer D-73734 Esslingen Inline Gear Motor


1 Ton CM Hoist Model H 3016939 Magnet, Hoist, Louden, 39780A Budgit Air Hoist 1000LB @ 90psig CM 1 TON 1000Kg Hoist CM 250Lb 113Kg Hoist CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist Model L DAYTON AIR HOISTS 1/2 TON Lodestar 1/2 Ton 500Kg Hoist Model F


19-5960-03 Capacitor Assembly


Z480LA80A Radial Lead Metal Oxide Varistor ZWS 35 E SL Cemented Wirewound Resistor with Lugs


Tenor Controls 651-8-1000 Microprocessor Timer

Contact Block

800T-XA Allen Bradley Contact Block, Series D


1N3768 Diotec Semiconductor 410403-30AC D 1282AM 8019 Semiconductor BBC DSI35-12A Standard Recovery Rectifier


Allen Bradley CD236 Magnetic Coil Decco 404089 Coil 115/60


R6011230 YA 8826P PRX Diode Westinghouse 12 679051 19 8509 SCR Thyristor Diode Westinghouse R6011230 YA 8418 Diode

Electronic Switch

305C-004-A-10PX Electromechanical Impulse Timer 310C-104-A-10PX Electromechanical Impulse Timer Gems ELS-1100 Level Switch

Miscellaneous Pneumatics

Westinghouse Ratio Totalizer Hagan 174600-0083708


1 inch coupling Stainless steel 1 inch coupling Stainless steel 1 inch coupling Stainless steel welded to two 90 degree elbows ASSORTED 1/2 inch stainless steel fittings

Digital I/O

AEG Modicon AS-B827-032? AEG Modicon AS-B872-200 Allen Bradley AC/DC Input Module 1771-IAD Allen Bradley AC/DC Input Module 1771-IAD B Allen Bradley AC Input Module 1771-IND B Allen Bradley AC Output Module 1771-OAD Allen Bradley Analog Input Module 1771-IFE Allen Bradley Analog Output Module 1771-OFE2 B Allen Bradley digital input module SLC500 cat # 1746-IA16, Series C Allen Bradley digital input module SLC500 cat # 1746-IB16, Series C Allen Bradley digital input module SLC500 cat # 1746-IB16, Series C Allen Bradley digital input module SLC500 cat # 1746-OB16 Allen Bradley digital output module # 1746-OA16, Series D Allen Bradley digital output module SLC500 cat # 1746-OX8, Series A Allen Bradley Interface Module 1771-KG SerB Allen Bradley Isolated AC/DC Input Module 1771-ID Allen Bradley processor unit SLC500 cat # 1747-L543, Series C Allen Bradley TIL Input Module 1771-IG AS-B814-108 Relay Output Board B807 Modulator Board B&R CPU 2CP100601 B&R Output Module Digital 2DO4286 DAP 216 24v dc discrete input module, 16 inputs Gould AS-B804-032 Groupe Schneider Modicon TSX Compact Input Board- Module Input Module Digitial 2DI4256 Modicon-AS-B806-032 Modicon AS-B814-108 relay output module, 8 outputs Modicon AS-B827-032 Modicon B804-016 Output Module Modicon B806 Modicon-PC-A984-145 Spectrum Controls 8 channel analog current output module # 1746sc-NO8i Spectrum Controls universal analog input module # 1746sc-NI8u, Series B Target Systems FS B01 controller

Circuit Breakers

3VU1300-1MG00 Motor Protector Ac-3 Siemens Circuit Breaker Allen Bradley 700-P000A1 Control Relay Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker 15amp Circuit Breaker 60amp Circuit Breaker SQUARE D 4014001 CR324C310A Overload Relay Crydon Company Solid State Relay CSE2410 FAL34015 Molded Case Circuit Breaker FDB3125L Westinghouse Industrial Circuit Breaker General Electric Circuit Breaker M-1 CK08BE300 General Electric F-225 Circuit Breaker General Electric TAE31M10MDC Mine Duty Circuit Breaker General Electric TFC36225 Mag Break Motor Circuit Protector General Electric TJC36600G Mag-Break General NC2 Contactor 115 ITE Circuit Breaker KAL36200 Square D Circuit Breaker Klockner Moeller NZM 12-800 Circuit Breaker Klockner Moeller NZM6-160 Circuit Breaker Klockner Moeller NZM6-200 Circuit Breaker/Disconnect Klockner Moeller NZM 6b-63 Circuit Breaker Klockner Moeller NZMH4-63-CAN Circuit Breaker LA-3400-F Type LA Circuit Breaker LC1-D205 Telemecanique Contactor Loepfe FR600 Textile Machine Circuit Boards Mag-Gard Adjestable Instantaneous Trip Circuit Breaker Magnetic Contactor Miniature Curcuit Breaker Moeller N2M6-125 ZM6-125 Circuit Breaker Moeller NZM10-400N Motor Circuit Protector MCP0358RC Siemens 3TB46 Siemens 3TB52 17-0A Siemens 3VE5201-1CR00 Molded Case Circuit Breaker 00 Siemens Circuit Breaker 3TF50 SIEMENS Contact 3TH80 31-0A SIMCO Shutdown Circuit Model: XP167 Square D CB 123 Series 2 FAL240151202 Square D Circuit Breaker Square D Circuit Breaker 30 Amp Square D Circuit Breaker 40 Amp 4014001 Square D KAL36150 Series 2 Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker Square D Mag Guard 100 Amp FAL3610018M Square D Mag Guard 50 Amp Series 2 FAL3605016M Square D Molded Case Circuit Breaker 200 Amp KA36200 Square D Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker 175A KAL36175 Square D Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker 60A FA34060 SQUARE D Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker LAL36225 Stotz Breaker S S210-HS 5 Amp 1 Amp Westinghouse Circuit Breaker Westinghouse Circuit Breaker MC3800F Westinghouse Circuit Breaker NB31200F Westinghouse Industrial Circuit Breaker Frame 1492D81G03 Westinghouse KB3250F Molded Case Circuit Breaker Westinghouse NB31200F Circuit Breaker Westinghouse Series C Industrial Circuit Breaker EHD 14K Westinghouse Series C Industrial Circuit Breaker FDB 14K Westinghouse Series C Industrial Circuit Breaker JDB3125C JDB 25K

Light Bulbs

Crouse-Hinds Globe Lighting Fixture Fitting V75 EDWARDS P-041695-0108 40W Replacement Bulb NEMA TYPE 4, 13 PILOT LIGHT Ushio Halogen Projector Lamp JCR 9.5V-55W Westinghouse Light Bulbs

Halogen Lamps

Ci-35, Ci-65 Xenon Lamp Wattage Regulator SYLVANIA Tungsten Halogen Lamp 500Q/CL 500W-130V SYLVANIA Tungsten Halogen Lamp 500W-120V

Load Centers

400V Power Panel A-C Magnetic Combination Starter/Motor Circuit Switch CREEL JUNCTION BOX CULTER-HAMMER Double Throw Switch 30Amp, 250V Culter-Hammer Safety Switch 100Amp, 250Volts Culter-Hammer Safety Switch 600V A-C 200 Amp. Culter-Hammer Safety Switch 60Amp, 600Volts A-C Finger Safe Contact Block KA1 General Electric Auxiliary Contact Kit CR205X100B GE Safet Box 200Amp, 240 V.AC, Max. Hp:60 GE Safety Switch 100Amp, 3Pole, 480/600VAC 250VDC 3Wire Industrial Control Panel MULTICOMP Resistor Multicomp Resistor UP Controller QO330MQ200 Qo Load Center Main C/B, 3 Phase, 200a, 30 Space, Indoor RESISTOR scientific technologies inc Label P/N 28361-0010 SQUARE D Busway Switch Series: 6 SQUARE D Safety Switch 200Amp, 3 POLE, 600V.AC, H.P. Max.150 SQUARE Switch Fusible HD 600 Vac 200A Telemecanique LA1-D22 Telemecanique LA1-D40

Electrical Boxes

1-1/4" Rigid Conduit Locknuts 90026 box of 50 45C15A Programmable Controller 460V Power Panel 600V Power Panel AEROTECH BA SERVO AMPLIFER Allen Bradley Auxiliary Contact Catalog no. 509-EOD Allen-Bradley Bulletin 512 Combination Controller Appleton 1-1/2" Steel Locknuts BL-150 box of 40 Appleton 1" Steel ST Connector ST-100 box of 8 Appleton Cast Device Box Unilets FS-2-50 Appleton Electric Products Cast Device Box Unilets FS-2-75 Appleton Electric Products Unilet Conduit Outlet Body T125-A Appleton Electric Products Unilets Conduit Outlet Body LR100-M Appleton Electric Products Unilets FS-2-75-A Appleton Electric Products Unilets LB150-M 1 1/2"lb FORM 35 Appleton Electric Products Unilets T125-M Arrow Hart Division Single Receptacle 3330 30amp 125/250 AUX Contact CR4XR22 Bulletin A10 A-C Magnetc Starter With Control Transformer Size "1" Ci-35, Ci-65 Xenon Lamp Wattage Regulator 50/60 Hertz Connector Panel Contact Allen Bradley 50F-A0D92O B CULTER-HAMMER Double Throw Switch 30Amp, 250V Culter-Hammer Safety Switch 100Amp, 250Volts Culter-Hammer Safety Switch 600V A-C 200 Amp. Culter-Hammer Safety Switch 60Amp, 600Volts A-C Encoder Accu-Coder 716*-S FUJI ELECTRIC CS5F-1000-P GE Fanuc Input Module IC610MDL125A GE Lock Out Box With CR307,CR308,CR387 Magnetic Starter GE Safet Box 200Amp, 240 V.AC, Max. Hp:60 GE Safety Switch 100Amp, 3Pole, 480/600VAC 250VDC 3Wire GE Safety Switch 60amp, 4SN Pole 240Vac Hubbell Wiegmann enclosure B080804CHWW Outlet Box for Haz. Location Outlet Box for Haz. Location 182L Adalet X JA Parker Compumotor Model 500 Indexer Pressductor System RELIANCE 5RA0750 AMPLIFIER RELIANCE Converter HR500 Reliance Remote Drive Interface Head 57C329C RELIANCE Remote I/O Head 57C330B Schaltag Rietec Texinvert 220/20-S2 SQUARE D Busway Switch Series: 6 Square D Contact Class:3536 Type:SEO1 Square D Nema Size 3 Class 8502 SQUARE D Safety Switch 200Amp, 3 POLE, 600V.AC, H.P. Max.150 SQUARE Switch Fusible HD 600 Vac 200A THOMAS&BETTS Safety Switch 30amp., 600Vac Ward Leonard Contact DC R001-7030-11 WESTINGHOUSE Box Lock Out Style;2175A02G01 Westinghouse Contactor A201K3DA WESTINGHOUSE Safety Switch Type:1 100Amp, 600Volts Ac WIREMOLD Extension Adaptor Flush -Type 5751


Appleton 2" Locknut BL-200 box of 15 Appleton Machine Steel Nuts 1-1/4" box of 4 Crouse-Hinds IRCON TC Band (20) THYRISTOR ASSY.


Cooper Crouse-Hinds, Conduit Fitting For Hazardous Locations Dynamatic Male Snaplok Connection Holoflex II Double Ended Extender Cable 9 ft. KILLARK ELECTRIC GLOBE VCG-200 MODICON AS-MBKT-085, AS-MBKT-185 Adapter/Connector Kit Modicon High-Density Low-Density Connector Retaining Ring


9F6OKLH125 Current Limiting Fuse D81 A50P325 325A 500V Type 4 Fuse A6D125R 125A 600V RK1 Time Delay Fuse A6K175R 175A 600V RK1 Time Delay Fuse Allen Bradley 1492-FB2J60 Fuse Holder Allen Bradley W29 Motor Control Overload Relay (Heater) AMP-TRAP 2000 Dual Element Time Delay A6D175R 175amp 600V AC Buss AGC 1Z44 250 Volt Fuse Buss GDB1A 250Volt fuse Buss GDB250MA 250Volt fuse BUSSMANN FUSE LINK 80A 500V NG 900 DIN 43620 Bussmann Limitron JKS 50 Quick-Acting Current-Limiting Fuse Bussmann Low-Peak Dual-Element Time-Delay Fuse test Bussmann NOS-25 One-Time Fuse DURAKOOL Relay Mercury Displacement 120VAC 1 POLE 35Amp E1000-40High Speed H.R.C. Fuse Link 660V 10A ECSR 10 All Purpose RK5 Fuse 600V EFEN Fuse 125A EFEN GL G1 Fuse Federal Pacific Electric RF Fuse RFV 200 Fuse, DC Bus Fusetron FRS-R-200 Class RK5 Fuse FWP-25A14Fa Fuses Box of 10 Gould Fuse A50P125 Type 4 125 Amps Gould Shawmut Amp-trap A6K225R Fuse Gould Shawmut Amp-trap A6K300R Fuse Gould Shawmut Amp-trap II Time Delay A6D175R Fuse Gould Shawmut Fuse Reducer Type 162 Reliance Electric Rectifier Fuse Symbol and Amp: RFV 300 Semi- Conductor Fuse Tri Onic Dual Element Time Delay Smart Spot TRS10R Time Delay TRS125R 125 A 600V RK5 Time Delay Fuse TRS175R 175A 600V RK5 Time Delay Fuse TRS50R Time Delay RK5 Fuse 600V T-TRON JJS-80 Current Limiting Class T Fuse TYPE-RF FUSE TYPE-RF FUSE


124136 Dodge Bearing 128539 Dodge Bearing 6022NSBearing 6205 2ZJEM SKF Single Row 2 Shielded Radial Ball Bearing ALLIED Bearing 6204.NR.EE Bearing Housing Int. Plate#1782-11 BEARING (R20) BEARING (RRA 103 BTT) Bearing TR T212 Bower Roller Bearing 3420 CUP Bower Roller Bearing 3482 CUP Bower Roller Bearing 5335 CUP Bower Roller Bearing 5356 CONE Browning Q1- 1 3/8 Bushing Chesterton 123E Seal Size 15 Chesterton 123E Seal Size 9 Chesterton 221 Split Seal Chesterton 221 Split Seal Size 20 Chesterton 221 Split Seal Size 24 Chesterton PTFE/ Graphite Packing 3/4 19,0 MM Chesterton PTFE/ Graphite Packing 5/8 16MM Style 1760 Consolidated Precision Bearing F1A 23948 M C/3 W/33 Delco New Departure Hyatt BALL BEARING (R20) FAFNIR Ball Bearing FAFNIR Ball Bearing HE Fafnir Ball Bearing RAK 2 3/16 Industrial Duty Self-Locking Collar Fafnir Bearing Assembly, INT. Bottom Roll Neck & Bearing-LH FAFRIR BALL BEARINGS 2-7/16" FEDERAL MOGUL Oil Seal GULf Bearing 6018-2ZNRC3 HIWIN Linear Guideway Block LGW25 Hiwin Linear Guideway Block LGW25C HIWIN Linear Guideway Block LGW30 Koyo Seiko Bearings MB MFG E-20 Bearing McGill Precision Sphere-Rol Bearing MP39 Sealmaster Bearing MPB Miniature Precision Bearing MRC Ball and Roller Bearing T 1103 ARP MST-39 Sealmaster Bearing NACHI Bearing 6018ZZNR 152 x 152 x 31 NDH BEARING SIZE: 1 5/16" DIAMETER NICE1614 DCTN TG18 Ball Bearing NICE Inch Ball Bearing 1652 DCTN NSK Bearing 22309CDE4C3 NSK Bearing 6021ZZCE SRIS NTN Bearing 6204LLBNR/2A REX Self-Allining Roller Bearing ZBR-2215 Seal Master Bearing 2-14 Seal Master BEARING (2-14) SealMaster Bearing MP-24 1-1/2 Seal Master Bearing SF-28C 1 3/4" Seal Master Bearing ST-32C 2" SealMaster Gold Line Bearings ST-28C 1 3/4" Sealmaster Set Screw Gold Line Standard Bearing SealMaster ST-20R Bearing Sealmaster ST-39 Bearing SF-39 SealMaster Bearing SKF 1207 EKTN9 Bearing SKF 22218 CCK / C3W33 Spherical bearing SKF 6001 JEM BF01 bearing SKF 6201 2ZJEM bearing SKF 7207 BEP bearing SKF 909358A Explorer Bearing SKF Bearing 22309CC/C3W33 SKF Bearing 2318 CC/ C3W33 SKF Bearing 6217-2RSJEM SKF Bearing 6308/C3 SKF Bearing Double Row Ball BRGS 5308 E/C3 SKF Bearing KM18 SKF Bearing NU1044M SKF Bearing NU 318 ECP SKF Bearing SKF 6220/C3 SKF Explorer Bearing SKF FYRP 1.7/16-18 Unit Roller Collar Mount SKF FYRP 1.7/16 Unit Roller Collar Mount SKF SNW 07x1-3/16 sleeve SKF SNW Adapter SKF Unit Collar Mount SYR 1.7/16 SKF Unit Roller Collar Mount SYR 1.7/16H Bearing SOMERSET Gear and Hub Bearing 729300509 Super Ball Bearing Linear Bearing Pillow Block SPB 12 ADJ Super Ball Bearing Linear Bearing Pillow Block SPB 12 OPN Super Ball Bushing Linear Bearing Super 20 OPN Tapered Roller Bearings The Federal Bearings Co. BALL BEARINGS (R20) Timken Torrington Needle Bearing B-45 Torrington-FAFNIR Model S7KDD Ball Bearing Z1-11B Torrington-FAFNIR S7KDD Ball BEARING Torrington Roller Bearing TORRINGTON Roller Bearing B-2020 used 1207 EKTN9 Bearing


101-1206-490036 Chain Tensioning Lever 235-UE Chain Link 5 Piece Set Countersunk takeup screw 6mm, 12mm E6M2 Mounting Bracket Falk Adapter Plate Falk Nuts and Bolts Set of 6 Fauk Adapter Hardware Set Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Base (Jack) Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Head (Suction) Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Stand Check Malleable Iron Electric Fittings 1-1/2" Reliance Electric Tach Motor Shaft 412152-1J Reliance Electric Tach Motor Shaft 412197-1AH Screw, Spring SIGNODE Left Gripper TEXTUBE Tube Color:Orange#19 Wabco Clip 4340140092

Pressure Monitoring

95L-35 Pressure Regulator AirCo 806-1135 Regulator with Pressure Gauge and Shut off Valve AMETEK Model:40 Arjay Level Monitor Ashcroft Ammonia Pressure Gauge CROMPTON INSTRUMENTS RU-SEBX- - 12 Protector Trip Relay Dwyer Magnehelic Pressure Gauge Model 2080 Fischer & Porter Valve Series A2 Harris Model 87-1500 Single Stage Regulator HELICOID Gauge 310 ALFM 4BK 0/100 PSI In Valve Control Station Type 030 MARTONAIR M837 Reed Switch Regulator Matheson Regulator with Pressure Gauge 3140 Series Model CM Cooling Module PARKER VERIFLOW High Pressure Regulators, 0-200 & 0-4000 psi PR40-S1-A4-P04 4" All SS Heavy Duty Guage Pressure Gauge Duragauge 1000psi Pressure Switch Type J110A Model 156 Pressure Switch Type/Model H122-156 Rosemount DP/GP Module 1151-004172 Samson Pressure Gauge Veriflo HPR800 Series Regulator with Pressure Gauge, Type HPR800B-5P-10-30-4-580 Veriflo Regulator 11500865 with Pressure Gauge Veriflo Regulator 11500866 with Pressure Gauge Veriflo Regulator 43500123 with Pressure Gauge Veriflo Regulator two stage regulator with Pressure Gauges Veriflo Regulator with Pressure Gauge


1", 1/4" Plug 1,3/4 Seat Ring 1" Seat Ring FEDERAL MOGUL Oil Seal 416273 FEDERAL MOGUL Oil Seal 472636 Garlock Compression Packing NATIONAL Oil Seal 416273 NATIONAL Oil Seal 455958 O Ring Steam Plug 3/8 x 8 7/8 Valve Indicator Packing Valve Seat

Industrial Hoses

72" PVC Supply Hose Cooper Crouse-Hinds, Conduit Fitting For Hazardous Locations Pure Flex Inc. FEP Lined Hose 4ft. Length, 2" Threads Scovill Cap 5163

Fire Equipment

Chemetron Automatic Mechanical Timer MICRO 1002 Special Hazard Control Panel

Machine Tooling

Caldwel Spreader Beam Model No. 20-2-6

Power Tools

Browning Q1-1 3/8 collar

Hand Tools

EASTMAN Class 355 Lighting Cutter Ser.No.: BK4H7139 Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Gauge (New Ad) Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Handle Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Plate (Chamber) Hoechst Celanese-Spartenburg Special Spanner SPCC

Air Tools

Allenair Air Cylinder E 2 & 1/2 X 6 Allenair Air Cylinder E 2 & 1/2 X 6*12 BIMBA AIR CYLINDER D-2061-A Tape Help AI Assortment

Heat Cutters

HSGM HeiBschneider heat cutter type HSGO


31041-400-42 Nema Size 1 Starter AB Across-The-Line AC Starter 709-A0D103 Series K GV2-M07 Starter w/ GV2-M11 Side Mount Square D 31074-400-38 Starter Square D 8536 SBO2 Form 3 Series 4 Nema Size 0 Square D Nema Size 0 8536-SBO2 Motor Starter Square D Nema Size 1 8536 SBO3 Electric Motor Starter Westinghouse A200M0CAC Westinghouse Starter A200M3CACM Style 179C920G09

Recording Equipment

C1 80051 Unimax Switch Counter IVO 44080 Hour Counter Omega RD8800


HI-Transfer Heat Exchanger Size 5-Y-24


Allen Bradley Adjustable Lever Nylon Roller #80

Temperature Controller

Athena XT25 25PCF0BB000-CY-EL-EN AW Company JFC-01 Process Controller Barber-Colman 520 Solid State Temperature Controller Barber-Colman MAQ3-03200 Temperature Control 000-8-00 Hengstler (Odeca Digital) 890 Hiross Solid State Gradutronic F-0229-2-01 Honeywell DC 3002-0-00A-2000-0111 Temperature Controller Honeywell UDC 2000 Mini Pro Honeywell UDC 3000 Versa Pro Omega Engineering 4001JC-F Digital Controller Omega Model 199 Thermometer PENN 8813 Type K Thermocouple Probe UDC3300 Temperature Control

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